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AU where Pheonix is murdered instead of Mia. Maya has to channel Phoenix. (tbh I just came up with this AU because /imagine Maya!Phoenix jfc/)


I really like the idea, but I feel like Maya wouldnt be channeling Phoenix because she didn’t even meet him till Mia was dead in canon anyways. Also Mia wouldnt need his assistance since she’s already a pretty confidant lawyer and high ranked and such.

Well I guess she could channel Phoenix just so Mia could be like “who the heck killed you” but other than that idk. Plus Mia could do channeling herself and just write a note or something probably.

But that would be so messed up if Phoenix got murdered like that would mess up Mia even more because all the stuff she had to go through when she first became a lawyer and now here she is a big time lawyer with a student and everything and she’s doing great and finding out things she needs to know and suddenly her student gets murdered by the man she’s hunting down because of her looking for Redd White so she might think its kind of her fault and yeah that would be sad as fuck.


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